ES Focal Extenders

Focal Extender are similar to Barlow Lenses in that they increase the effective focal length of your telescope, but different in that a  

Focal Extender will not change the magnification factor if it is placed in front of or behind the diagonal before an eyepiece goes in, as  a aBarlow Lens will. 

Focal Extenders adds real versatility to your telescope accessory line-up. First of all, it allows you to increase the magnification of any eyepiece with the same barrel size that you already own. In other words, 3 eyepieces offer 6 magnification choices with the addition of a focal extender. Secondly, most of the time, lower magnification eyepieces have better eye relief than higher power models. When using a focal extender to increase your magnification, you get to enjoy the generous eye relief of the lower power eyepiece, and that's quite a bonus, especially for eyeglass wearers or for those with fast telescopes who can really push high magnification eyepieces.

Remember, we make focal extenders in 2X, 3X and 5x models, so there is something for every style of telescope.