Directory of Explore Alliance Affiliate Organizations

The Affiliate Organizations of the Explore Alliance are institutions that are engaged in ongoing programs for the communities they serve and the general public to understand a deeper level of the natural world and science. 
These organizations invite you to become involved, and provide transformative experiences as they assist you in understanding your universe on a personal level. 
 Explore Alliance Affiliate Organization - Astronomers Without Borders

Astronomers Without Borders

Global initiatives in hands on astronomy with a vision of "one sky"...

 Explore Alliance Affiliate Organizations - The Astronomical League

Astronomical League

A federation of over 240 amateur astronomy societies across the USA, making the League one of the largest astronomy organizations in the world. Champions of the global celebration of Astronomy Day. The Explore Alliance and Explore Scientific are the underwriters of the Leslie Peltier Award and the National Young Astronomer's Award

 Explore Alliance Affiliate Organization - Astronomy magazine

Astronomy magazine

Founded by Steve Walther, the first issue of Astronomy was August 1973, with 48 pages and five feature articles. Today with David J. Eicher as Editor-in Chief, the magazine, devoted to the hobby of astronomy, is distributed around the world in print and online..,

Explore Alliance Affiliate Organizations - Federation des Astronomes Amateurs du Quebec

Federation des Astronomes Amateurs du Quebec (FAAQ)

The only organization recognized by the Government of Quebec to represent individuals, groups (clubs) and institutions related to amateur astronomy in Quebec...

MSRO Science, Inc.

A non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, MSRO Science is an innovator in small-telescope observatories, and does outreach, and provides training and research opportunities for amateur and professional astronomers all over the world...

Explore Alliance Affiliate Organization - Mt. Wilson Observatory

Mt. Wilson Observatory

One of the birthplaces of modern astronomy and astrophysics, Mt. Wilson Observatory also hosts amazing astronomy experiences and lectures for the general public...

Explore Alliance Affiliate Organization - The Nebraska Star Party

Nebraska Star Party

One of the top star party events in the world with ultra-dark skies, suitable from rank beginner to the seriously advanced astronomer...

Explore Alliance Affiliate Organization - SPACE

San Pedro de Atacama Celestial Explorations (SPACE)

Operated by professional astronomer Alain Maury, SPACE offers people an incredible view of the Southern Hemisphere stars, while using their telescopes under super dark skies in Chile...

Warren Rupp Observatory and Hidden Hollow Star Party

Warren Rupp Observatory - Hidden Hollow Star Party

More information coming soon...

Winter Star Party

The Winter Star Party "WSP" is held annually, usually during the new moon in February. The event is unique in that it occurs mid-winter during the height of the Florida Keys tourist season. The warm weather, coupled with dark skies, and possibly the steadies skies in North America attracts attendees from all over the frozen United States, Canada, and Europe giving the event an international flavor.

Explore Alliance Affiliate Organization - Yerkes Future Foundation

Yerkes Observatory and the Yerkes Future Foundation

Founded in 1897 by George Ellery Hale, and financed by Charles T. Yerkes, Yerkes Observatory houses the world's largest working refracting telescope. Shuttered to the public in 2018 by the University of Chicago, the Yerkes Future Foundation (YFF) has finally reached an agreement with the university to turn over the facility to YFF to resume public educational outreach activities once again.