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Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Adrian Bradley

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Adrian Bradley
Michigan USA
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Adrian Bradley is a dedicated amateur astronomer and a passionate enthusiast of wide field astrophotography. Alongside his day job as a Linux Engineer, he actively engages with the celestial world, making meaningful contributions to the field of astronomy.

With a strong commitment to his hobby, Adrian is a valued member of three esteemed astronomy clubs, namely the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, University Lowbrow Astronomers based in Michigan, and the Warren Astronomical Society, also located in Michigan. His memberships reflect his deep involvement in the astronomical community and his desire to share his passion for the cosmos with fellow enthusiasts.

Adrian's love for astronomy goes beyond personal enjoyment. He devotes his time to helping organize and participate in outreach events for his clubs, showcasing the wonders of the universe to a broader audience. Additionally, he embarks on nocturnal journeys across the state of Michigan during clear nights, aiming to capture the celestial beauty through astrophotography.

Not only does Adrian immerse himself in stargazing and astrophotography, but he also dedicates his Tuesdays to presenting at the Explore Alliance Global Star Party. Through these presentations, he contributes to educating and inspiring others, further fueling their fascination with the night sky.

Adrian Bradley's multifaceted involvement in the astronomy community, from active participation in clubs to sharing his knowledge and love for the stars through presentations and astrophotography, illustrates his dedication to exploring and celebrating the celestial marvels that grace our universe.


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