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Cari Letelier
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Cari Letelier's journey is fascinating, as she took the leap to follow her passion for astronomy and astrophotography making it her full-time career. Her background in engineering and logistics has provided her with a solid foundation to pursue astrophotography as a scientific and artistic pursuit.

Her decision to quit her job as an engineer to pursue astrophotography and astronomy popularization full time shows her dedication and commitment to her passion. By traveling to different latitudes and capturing amazing images of different sky and earth phenomena, she has expanded her knowledge and experience in astrophotography.


As an Art and Content Director at AstroFotografiaChile and the manager of an astrophotography community called Cazadores de estrellas, Cari is actively involved in promoting astrophotography and astronomy. She is also teaching classes on astrophotography techniques and giving lectures on astronomical tourism, further contributing to the world of astronomy popularization.

Cari's constant efforts to deepen her knowledge in astronomy and collaborate with other astronomical dissemination entities showcase her commitment to promoting astronomy and astrophotography. Her journey is an inspiration for those who want to pursue their passion and turn it into a fulfilling career. 

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