9 Mega Pixel Game Camera 120 Degree

$ 199.95

By rapidly capturing crisp images or videos whenever its motion sensor is triggered, a game camera is a valuable source of information that can be used for pre-season scouting, predator management, food plot monitoring, hunting blind placement or even home and property security. With its wide field of view, impressive image quality and 1-second response time, the Bresser 120° Game Camera can fulfill these essential functions and more by providing you a highly detailed record of activity on your land when you‘re away.

This game camera has an impressive motion sensor and flash range that are well positioned to not only reach way out to snag distant images but also to capture movement in close ranges of as little as 1 foot. Pair these features with its field of view of 120 degrees, which is almost the same as that of the average human eye, and you have an invaluable observation tool that will document some of your property‘s most elusive visitors.

The Bresser 120° Game Camera also offers a photo resolution of up to 9 mega pixels, which means it can generate sharp images to provide you all the detail you need to not only see the animals but also distinguish their important characteristics, such as antler size. Infrared LED flashes let the trail camera easily transition from producing bright, color images during the day to generating sharp, monochromatic ones at night. Like all Bresser trail cameras, the 120° uses a passive-infrared motion sensor that you can adjust based on three levels of sensitivity. When a subject moves within the camera‘s field of view, the motion sensor almost instantaneously triggers the camera to begin taking from one to six date- and time-stamped photos or to record 10-30 seconds of video, depending on your chosen mode. Later, you can quickly review these images or video segments on the camera’s 2-inch LCD color display screen without having to remove the user-supplied SD card or disrupt camera placement. The device also comes with RCA cables and a USB cable to provide additional viewing options.

Encased in a tough, weather-resistant housing that is easily camouflaged and held securely in place with a sturdy nylon mounting strap, the display screen and programming controls of the Bresser 120° Game Camera are simple to manipulate and can be password-protected. In addition to setting photo numbers and video length, you can also choose operating times, triggering intervals ranging from 1 minute to 30 minutes and various photo and video resolutions. It is obvious that this camera has been designed to be left unattended for long periods of time, and will do the tasks you require without constant hands-on management.

Description 9 Mega Pixel Game Camera 120 Degree
Item Number 120-DLCD
Field of View 120°
Response Time 1 second
PIR Sensitivity High, Normal, or Low
Display Screen 2" LCD
Video Size 640x480 or 320x240
Triggering Interval 1-30 minutes (programmable)
Video Length Per Trigger 10-30 seconds (programmable)
Interface SD card, USB, TV Out
Operating Humidity 5 - 90 percent
Color Preview? yes
Image Sensor 5MP (Interpolate to 9MP)
PIR Sensor Multi-Zone
IR Flash Range 11 yards or 13 yards (Programmable)
Picture Resolution 3MP, 5MP, 9MP
Operation Day/Night 24 hours
Number of Photos Per Trigger 1-6 (programmable)
Power Supply 8 AA batteries
Operating Temperature -4° - 140° F
Color Preview, Images and Video? yes
Wright 1.2lb; .54kg
Security Password protected
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