8x50 Right Angle Polar Illuminated Viewfinder with Bracket - VFEI0850-RA

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8x50 Right Angle Polar Illuminated Viewfinder with Bracket

Use the 8x50 Right Angle Polar Illuminated Viewfinder with your equatorial mounted telescope to make precise polar alignments with it's red LED illuminated etched glass reticle with polar star positions for northern and southern hemisphere. 

Using the finder is simple. First align it as you would any viewfinder to a telescope by sighting a distant object through the main telescope and then adjusting the 6 viewfinder bracket thumbscrews. Then do this calibration again on a star to correct for the parallax difference. Then with the telescope mounted on the equatorial mount at 90 degrees declination, make a rough polar alignment of the equatorial mount with the tripod level. With the polar stars in the viewfinder field of view, rotate the reticle by spinning the eyepiece using the illuminator as a handle. Get the rotatonal position of the polar star grouping as close as you can by rotating the reticle and then adjust the equatorial mount in altitude and/or azimuth until the polar star grouping fits perfectly in the open circles on the reticle for the polar star position. You now have a precision polar alignment and your telescope with equatorial mount is ready for precise tracking and finding of celestial objects. 

Another important feature of the 8x50 Right Angle Polar Illuminated Viewfinder is the Amici prism that gives correct right-to-left and right-side-up views. Most right angle viewfinders show mirror-reverse views because they use a simple right angle mirror or prism.

The deep red illumination can be controlled by the variable brightness knob, which also serves as the illuminator's on/off switch. This finder features a 90° eyepiece, erect image viewing and a 7° field of view. It also offers precision focus of both the main objective and the eyepiece reticle.

The right angle position of the eyepiece will save your neck when viewing overhead, and the long eye relief of the eyepiece adds to the overall comfort for your observing run. High precision optics with fully multi-coatings give superior images and contrast. 

Handsomely finished in silver and black, the 8x50 Right Angle Polar Illuminated Viewfinder is laser etched with 



  Description 8x50 Right Angle Polar Illuminated Viewfinder with Bracket
  Item Number VFEI0850-RA
  Aperture 50mm
  Magnification 8X
  FOV 7 Degrees
  Product Dimensions 200mm x 62mm x 112mm
  Weight 1 lb. 9 oz.

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