Astro-Smart SQM Meter with 6 foot SQM sensor with cigar lighter pwr adapter and standard software

Product number - SQM-PRO

The SQM-RC-PRO can be setup with your home observatory or telescope mount for trouble-free operation controlled by the useråÊsupplied computer interface. The SQM meter sensor as seen in the configuration picture should be mounted outside the observatory, so the user can determine if imaging, visual or technical work is appropriate. The SQM meter sensor cable length is typically 6 feet but can be made to any length based on customer requirements. Simply, plug the SQM sensor in and mount the sensor to the location desired on your observatory or telescope mount. Then, connect to your PC with the USB/Serial cable provided and launch the GUI interface provided to read and graph MPSAS and NELM readings continually or when desired.The SQM features include a graphical reporting system on the software GUI which graphically maps NELM(Naked Eye Limiting Magnitude)åÊ and MPSAS (Magnitude Per Square Arc Sec) over a programmable measurement scale as low as 1 sample every 3 seconds.

The intent of the SQM-RC-PRO is to be used standalone or in conjunction with CDAP-PRO devices. Other forms of this product are available at Astro-Smart combining DEW and Observatory Control as an "All IN ONE" product. But, if you want standalone operation at an economical entry point or want to use a SQM meter product with your CDAP unit already purchased, this unit is for you. Another option available at Astro-Smart is to upgrade your existing Dew controller product to include the SQM feature. Simply, purchase the add on feature on the purchase link and you can upgrade to include this feature if you want DEW control as well.

Dimensions - 5.2" X 3" X 1.9"