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*Eyepiece not included.

The Explore Scientific AR Series telescopes are classic air-spaced, crown-and-flint, doublet achromatic f/6.5 refractors with a superior-class optical figure. Whether you choose the AR102 (4"), AR127 (5") or AR152 (6") model, you will be impressed by the stunning images revealed to you at the eyepiece, and all at a small fraction of the price you'd pay for a comparably sized apochromat refractor.

Designed to handle the rigors of public star parties and educational outreach, the Explore Scientific AR Series telescopes come with heavy-duty, high quality components, including a 2" dual-speed Crayford-style focuser, a one-piece 2" diagonal with 99% dielectric coatings, an 8 X 50 non-illuminated straight -thru finderscope and quick release bracket, and a cradle ring assembly with Vixen-style dovetail mount. Just add a few eyepieces and the alt-azimuth or equatorial mount of your choice and you'll be ready to discover the Universe!

Interferometic data on your newly purchased and registered Explore achromatic refractor is available upon request after 120 days of ownership. Please contact Customer Service for more information.

Twilight 1 Mount is included. See details on Twilight I for more info.



  Description 102mm Achromatic Air Space Doublet Refractor and Twilight I Mount and Tripod
  Item Number DAR102065-MAZ-01
  Focal Length 663mm
  Focal Ratio f/6.5
  Resolution 1.14 arcsec
  Tube Length
w/ Dew Shield
25.5"; 698mm
  Diameter 101mm
  Weight 10.4lb; 4.7kg
  Dovetail Vixen
Twilight I Adjustable Mount and Tripod
Item Number  MAZ01-00
Tripod fully collapsed no head mount 29.5"
Tripod fully collapsed with head mount 42"
Tripod open, retracted legs no mount head 25"
Tripod open, retracted legs with the head mount 38.5" at highest point, 36" to the center of the mounting bracket 
Tripod open, legs fully extended no mount head 42"
Tripod open, legs fully extended with the mount head 55.5" at the highest point, 53" to the center of the mounting bracket.
Mount head dimensions 14"x7"x4"
Foot print 42"
Weight tripod base 11lb; 5.0kg
Weight mount head 6.6lb; 3.0kg
Total Weight  16.7lb; 7.6kg

Limited Warranty is one year, which converts to the Explore STAR Transferrable Extended Life of the Product Warranty when product is registered within 60 days of purchase. For more information Click Here.

Works perfect with the sturdy TwiLight I Mount.