Soft-Sided Eyepiece Case - EPWP KIT Case

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Soft-Sided Eyepiece Case

The Tool Box is one of the most versatile storage solutions Tenba's ever made. It's the perfect combination of protection and organization for everything from GoPro® camera systems and professional flash units to the smallest batteries and accessories. At Explore Scientific, we use it for our 68°, 82° and 100° Eyepiece Kits. The walls and dividers are made with a layered combination of protective EVA foam and rigid PE board to keep contents safe (and from shifting between compartments) inside any bag. Gear is always visible at a quick glance through the clear TPU window. Elastic loops keep a tight grip on batteries and cables.

  Description Soft-sided Eyepiece Case
  Item Number EPWP KIT Case
  Length 8.5"
  Width 7.5"
  Height 3"
  Weight .67 lbs.


Warranty is one year.