Astro Smart Single Knob Dual Channel Manual Dew Controller 10 amps, with cigar lighter pwr adapter

$ 80.00

Product number - MDA

The M-DA can be setup with your telescope for trouble free operation controlled manually by the user supplied rotary dial.

The Astro-Cube Dew Annihilator  (Model: M-DA) is designed for Astronomers and Astrophotography’s who want a low cost, small compact yet powerful dew heater controller that can be put in your pocket ready to grab and go yet at the same time be able to perform just as well as a observatory grade dew controller delivering up to 10 Amps. The Astro-Cub dew Annihilator can be used with Astro-Smart’s RCA jack type dew straps or compatible RCA type dew straps such as Astro-Zap and Kendrick.

The Astro-Cube Dew Annihilator (Model: M-DA) is designed to be used with any make or model of telescope.  Whether you have a refractor, newtonian, schmidt-cassegrain, or a ritchey-chretien, the M-DA will solve your dew problems while informing you every step of the way.

The Astro-Cube Dew Annihilator (Model: M-DA) systems incorporates a common two port heater capability controlling upto 2 heat channels controlled using a rotary dial with a visual indicator LED to display the PWM intensity rate applied to the heat channels. The

The Astro-Cube Dew Annihilator (Model: M-DA)  is powered by a12VDC input from car adapter or AC/DC power supply available at Astro-Smart which can drive up to 9 Amps rated dew straps.  For instance, one channel CH1 heater may be used for the main imaging telescopes secondary corrector plate for dew control while CH2 heater can be used for the primary mirror,  another mounted imaging scope, guider or finder scope or your eyepieces.

Dimensions - 2.3" X 2.5" X 1.3"