National Geographic 1200x Microscope and 50mm Telescope

$ 89.99

When it comes to exploration, you don’t always have to thing big to have an adventure. In fact, countless amazing discoveries await if you take your quest for the unknown to a cellular level. Just like its iconic namesake, the National Geographic 300x-1200x microscope ignites curiosity and encourages explorations of the world around you. With this traditional compound microscope, users can delve into the hidden details of unusual specimens or reveal the surprising dimensions of the most common of subjects. The optics consist of a 20x eyepiece and three objective lenses that combine to offer a versatile range of magnification powers from 300x to 1200x. The set also includes a projection eyepiece that allows users to trace their images or provides the opportunity for multiple viewers to investigate the findings at the same time. Color filters are provided to enhance generated images when a specimen needs extra definition. To jumpstart investigations, the kit includes a bounty of collection tools, prepared slides, blank slides, a slide case and a shrimp breeding system. And don’t forget about the lightweight and highly portable, the National Geographic 50mm Telescope that makes it easy to explore the celestial and the terrestrial at a moment‘s notice. This achromatic refractor has a 2“ aperture that can reveal wonders like the intricacies of the lunar terrain or some of the brighter deep sky objects. The two included Plössl eyepieces generate crisp images and work with the scope’s 600mm focal length to give a magnification range of 23x to 62x. The telescope comes with a simple tripod and mount so the instrument can smoothly move up, down, left and right by manipulating a large, simple-to-use handle. Other accessories include a red dot LED viewfinder, a star map and astronomy software.