Rigel Systems Skylight Water Resistant Red/White Flashlight

Compact, rugged ABS plastic case fits in the palm of your hand -- a mere 4.5 inches long, 1.3 inches high and 1 inch wide. DUAL Ultra-bright LEDs-- the best and the brightest with lifetimes of 100,000+ hours, never break, and provide smooooth illumination. Thumbwheel Brightness Control -- dial up just the right amount of light and conserve your battery.

Energy Efficient-- up to 320 hours at the lowest setting, 12+ hours at the brightest, from one 9 volt Alkaline battery. Exclusive brightness regulation circuitry -- prevents fadeout as batteries age unlike all the other LED and bulb flashlights. Other Features-- 9-Volt battery and 20 Inch neck strap included.

  • The Rigel Systems Skylite Red/White Flashlight has dual red or white LED lights that operate independently of each other.
  • Thumbwheel brightness control for user friendly settings and long battery life.
  • The Rigel Systems Skylite Red/White Flashlight is compact, rugged and fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Complete with complimentary 9V battery, neck strap and five year warranty.

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