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  • Visit the Summer Triangle asterism!
    juillet 11, 2023

    Visit the Summer Triangle asterism!

    Northern Hemisphere observers would be remiss if they did not check out the Summer Triangle currently reigning in the night sky. The popular asterism is, as its name suggests, a simple triangle formed by three brilliant stars – Vega, Altair and Deneb.
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  • Crescents of the partially eclipsed sun as seen through the shadows of tree leaves before totality
    juin 6, 2023

    An Eclipse Down Under by Matthias Schmitt

    An Eclipse Down Under In April 2023 Explore Alliance Ambassador Matthias Schmitt, made the pilgrimage to the Southern Hemisphere to observe, photograph, and write about his experience of a total eclipse of the sun: The total solar eclipse of April 20th, 2023 (Saros...

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  • juin 6, 2023

    "Astronomy Outreach in Kosovo: Pranvera Hyseni Leads Efforts to Build First Science Center and Observatory, Inspiring Scientific Literacy in War-Torn Country"

    Pranvera Hyseni, the founder of Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo (AOK), has been making significant strides in promoting scientific literacy in Kosovo, a country that has been grappling with the aftermath of war. AOK has been inspiring people of all ages to become more scientifically literate, encouraging them to tackle some of the world's biggest problems. Hyseni recently gave a talk at Explore Scientific's 117th Global Star Party, where she discussed the importance of the first science center and observatory being built in Kosovo through AOK's efforts. The center will not only provide a space for people to learn about astronomy and other scientific fields but will also serve as a hub for scientific research and discovery. Hyseni believes that the center will play a critical role in promoting scientific development and inspiring the next generation of scientists and innovators. The work of AOK is truly remarkable, and it is helping to create a better future for everyone in Kosovo.
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    mars 10, 2023


    Citizen Scientists Catch DART’s Head-on Crash Live with Unistellar!
    NASA's DART mission has successfully completed the first-ever full-scale planetary defense test by colliding with a small moonlet, Dimorphos, orbiting the double asteroid, Didymos, with the kinetic force equivalent to 3 tonnes of TNT. The Unistellar Citizen Science Team, led by Franck Marchis at the SETI Institute, played a significant role in observing and capturing the impact data in real-time using small and sophisticated Unistellar evScopes. The team also discovered that the rocks appeared to become significantly redder immediately after the spacecraft hit, which researchers have yet to explain. The data collected will be added to various world-class observatories and telescopes to learn more about the physics, chemistry, and geology of both Dimorphos and Didymos.
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  • Valentines Day Science with Unistellar
    février 10, 2023

    Valentines Day Science with Unistellar

    Participating in the Valentines Day asteroid occultation with your Unistellar EV Smart Telescope is a unique and exciting opportunity to contribute to the advancement of science and learn more about the universe around us.
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