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    Blog - Explore Scientific — Okie-Tex Star Party

    Will Young creates a nice video on "What It's like to attend a Star Party"

    What's it like to attend a Star Party?

    Our good friend Will Young (https://www.facebook.com/will.young.58) created a video recap of what it looks like to attend a Star Party. The Okie-Tex Star Party happens to be one of our favorite Star Parties. It is held near Kenton OK in the panhandle of Oklahoma and Camp Billy Joe. It's about 3 mile east of New Mexico, about 12 miles south of Colorado, and about 36 miles north of Texas. It's a MAJOR dark sky site and one you really have to add to your bucket list. 

    Okie-Tex 2017 - Milky Way

    Okie-Tex in Kenton, OK. OMG! Amazing night skies once again! This year, we fought some wind as well as a day and evening of rain, but when it was clear, it was incredible. If you are looking for DARK skies, look no farther. It's far from the nearest city - 36 miles south and east to Boise City, OK and 42 miles to the south and west to Clayton, NM. We love the people here and it is by far the darkest skies we are under. Look for a few surprises this year!! Plus, we were very happy to have Jessica Buckles, our Customer Service extraordinaire, with us this year. Here's a quick little time-lapse...

    Okie-Tex 2016

    Okie-Tex - We arrived on Saturday the 24th. Our guru of CS and QC, Mike Hatch was blown away by his first Star Party. Scott joined us on Tuesday. 

    As advertised, the Okie-Tex star party was once again a real treat. The dark skies were amazing and so were the people.

    Mike's first star party was a success. Not only did he get real hands on experience, but he learned a lot about the night sky and how we handle daily activities at an event like this. I'm sure it will be beneficial to his daily opportunities at the offices of Explore Scientific.

    Our setup at Okie-Tex

    Milky Way over Kenton, OK. Taken 9/25/16 by Greg Bragg.

    Greg and Scott had to leave a few days early to make their way to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta on Thursday.