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Each weekday we simulcast the "OpenGOTO Community Live" program on social media, currently on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter/Periscope. Our team includes Scott Roberts, Jerry Hubbell, and Kent Marts discuss all aspects of PMC-Eight technology, the Explore Scientific mounts it powers, and the latest developments from the OpenGOTO Community group. 

The PMC-Eight is backed by Explore Scientific's warranty, tech support, and a group of individuals called the OpenGOTO Community. It includes hardware, firmware, and software that runs on Windows, Android, and iOS. Here you can browse the world of PMC-Eight:

Control Your Explore Scientific Equatorial Mount Your Way!

The PMC-Eight™ represents a new approach to robotic precision motion control for telescope mounts with a robust eight-processor system for a wide range of software clients. 

Used by beginners and experienced alike the ExploreStars™ App is a free download that controls our equatorial mounts (wired or wirelessly) via a PC, laptop, or tablet for Windows, Android, and iOS. 

Perfect for advanced astronomers and those with observatories, Explore Scientific's ASCOM is the first such client that offers wired or wireless connection, and is perhaps the most advanced client ever developed for the ASCOM Standards Community. It is fully compliant to all of the ASCOM standards to connect the PMC-Eight to a vast array of sky software and telescope control software by third parties.