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    Blog - Explore Scientific — Starfest Canada

    StarFest Canada 2017

    StarFest CanadaI've been to this event maybe 5 times over the past 7-8 years. The weather was a bit unpredictable this year. We had forecasts that didn't come true and weather that was mostly cloudy the entire time. Tuesday night was decent until after midnight and I have posted a picture below showing my Milky Way shot. 

    We got in some viewing on Thursday night for a few hours and the views were pretty good. Lot's of beginners looked at Saturn and Jupiter and a few other deep sky objects. The dew was eventually so heavy we had to quite around midnight. Gotta get some dew heaters for future events!

    There were 4 of our dealers selling this year. Ontario Telescope, O'Telescope, Durham Skies and Khan Scope. We were happy to be there to support them showing off our products. There was lot's of interest in the ES-G-11 with PMC-Eight and the FCD100 scopes. When the sky was clear, we showed off the ED-APO 152mm 6" Carbon Fiber and the G-11 with PMC-Eight and the 16" DOB.