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Explore Alliance Affiliate Organization - Nebraska Star Party

Explore Alliance Affiliate Organization - Nebraska Star Party
Merritt Reservoir, NB USA
Under some of the darkest skies in North America, the Nebraska Star Party (NSP) is held once a year in the Merritt Reservoir State Recreation Area in the Snake Campground in Nebraska's beautiful National Natural Landmark, the Sandhills region. Located in a picturesque valley of the Snake River 26 miles southwest of Valentine, Merritt Reservoir offers some of Nebraska's best stargazing (astronomers often report seeing their faint shadow cast by the light of the Milky Way).  Along with other outdoor recreation such as hiking, fishing, camping (RV or tent), or just hanging out with friends, NSP offers the rare opportunity to sit back and take in a pristine night sky with the safety of a group of like-minded people. This event is perfect for the entire family, and you can expect to see hundreds of astronomers from rank beginner to expert attend. 
Featured Activities
In addition to astronomy, the center of activity at NSP is at the large tent on the Observing Field near the entrance to  the Snake Campground.  There you can enjoy meals, night time constellation talks, and door prize giveaways.  
On Tuesday evening, the NSP will provide a free "Cattle Country" Burger dinner to attendees. The observing grounds cater to visual astronomers as well as astrophotographers of all abilities. The lineup of speakers at the annual NSP reads like a "who's who" of the astronomical community. 
Door Prizes
In addition to the activities and talks, there are lots of door prizes by many companies that can be won by official attendees of the event. As an official Explore Alliance Affiliate Organization, Explore Scientific engages with NSP with a special contribution program to do its part.
Public Outreach
NSP also hosts a night of public outreach where visitors come from around the region to share the experience, if you participate by sharing the view through your telescope, you will experience something that thousands of amateur astronomers already know- That sharing your knowledge and equipment to help others explore the universe is one of the most rewarding personal experiences that you can have, as you do your part to improve scientific literacy in the world.
Activities and Events

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