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Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Pranvera Hyseni

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Pranvera Hyseni
Vushtrri, Kosovo
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Pranvera Hyseni - is a global science popularizer, and the Founder and Director of “Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo”. 

Hyseni started showing an interest in astronomy at the early age of three, while Kosovo was still facing the Serbian conflict in the late 90’s. As a young kid, she grew up in a farm, taking advantage of breathtaking, dark night skies, which captured her attention. She also attributes her inspiration from an uncle who showed her an eclipse of the sun from reflected sunlight in a bucket of water. 

Pranvera is credited with bringing the science of astronomy to the citizens of Kosovo as well as people around the world by developing an effective and sustainable astronomy outreach program.

Through her efforts she is changing the norms of Kosovo's society with regard to improving scientific literacy, inspiring the next generation workforce to pursue STEM careers, and inspiring girls and women around the world to make their contributions towards science. She is dedicated to rebuilding her nation through the stars along with her organization's team, consisting of two hundred volunteers.


Hyseni was selected to be the Director for the Chapter of Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project in Kosovo. This led her to create a large network with astronomers around the world, who continuously supported her with equipment and other resources, which she used to provide activities across the country of Kosovo.
Pranvera is regularly invited to be a keynote speaker at some of the largest astronomy conventions and gatherings in different countries throughout the world. Her visits to the world's top observatories, universities and NASA centers have enriched her experience in astronomy and methods in research.

Pranvera's career with public education expanded further in her country when she was given access to work in various projects with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kosovo, and other governmental institutions. 

Awards and Recognition

Pranvera Hyseni was honored to be nominated by astronomer Rik Hill from the Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) to have one of the asteroids discovered by the CSS Team - 2000 EK140 = 1998 YE31, to be officially named by the International Astronomical Union as 45687 Pranverahyseni to recognize her efforts in astronomy outreach. The inscription reads:

"Pranvera Hyseni (b. 1995) is the founder and Director of Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo, the largest non-profit astronomy outreach organization in that country. She is an enthusiastic ambassador for Kosovo amateur astronomy."

She was awarded the "Master Outreach Award" by the Astronomical League. In 2018, Pranvera and was selected as an inaugural award recipient of the "24 Under 24 Leaders and Innovators of STEAM and Space" by the Mars Generation organization.

Hyseni recently was selected as one of the five most influential women in Kosovo. And, she was also recognized as a distinguished student by the Municipality Assembly of Vushtrri.

Activities and Events
Outreach event with Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo and the Charlie Bates Project
Pranvera Hyseni's current efforts is to develop the first observatory and planetarium in Kosovo. Currently, she is an undergraduate student of Geography at the University of Pristina, where she aims to pursue a PhD in Planetary Sciences and contribute in science with further efforts. 

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