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Explore Alliance Astrophotography Ambassadors - Chuck Ayoub

Explore Alliance Astrophotography Ambassadors - Chuck Ayoub
Redford, MI USA
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Chuck Ayoub is a retired IT and Internet advertising professional who has always loved the stars, but became seriously interested at about 12 or 13 years old when he was learning about the planets in his science classes. Chuck writes "My interest in astronomy goes back as far as I can remember, but I actually didn’t own a telescope until I was a teenager. Unfortunately, it was a little refractor and didn’t stand the test of time very well and I don’t have any surviving pictures of it. But it was still an amazing experience because that is the first time I was able to visually observe craters on the moon, belts on Jupiter, and Saturn’s rings.  My neighbors would gather around so they could look through the eye piece too." Thus began a lifetime of sharing the astronomy experience with others. 
Outreach in astrophotography is what Chuck Ayoub is best known for. Considering his skill and amazing astrophotographs, many are surprised to learn that Chuck started making astrophotographs just a few years ago. He had no idea what people could accomplish from their own backyard with affordable equipment. He started as a complete beginner in early 2016 in the cold of winter, excited to capture his first deep sky objects through his telescope. Today he has four astrographs, including an Explore Scientific ED127, and he shares his images and skills in astrophotography on social media to thousands of followers under the name "Chuck's Astrophotography".
Awards and Recognition
Chuck Ayoub was featured on ZWO's "Astrophotographer's Story", and his images are regularly shared and commented on in social media. But perhaps the recognition that he is most proud of is being on NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day of which his images have been featured several times. 
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