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Explore Alliance Live is a daily live video simulcast featuring engineers and technical representatives from Explore Scientific.

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Directory of Affiliate Organizations

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    March 10, 2023 Scott Roberts


    Citizen Scientists Catch DART’s Head-on Crash Live with Unistellar!
    NASA's DART mission has successfully completed the first-ever full-scale planetary defense test by colliding with a small moonlet, Dimorphos, orbiting the double asteroid, Didymos, with the kinetic force equivalent to 3 tonnes of TNT. The Unistellar Citizen Science Team, led by Franck Marchis at the SETI Institute, played a significant role in observing and capturing the impact data in real-time using small and sophisticated Unistellar evScopes. The team also discovered that the rocks appeared to become significantly redder immediately after the spacecraft hit, which researchers have yet to explain. The data collected will be added to various world-class observatories and telescopes to learn more about the physics, chemistry, and geology of both Dimorphos and Didymos.
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  • Valentines Day Science with Unistellar
    February 10, 2023 Scott Roberts

    Valentines Day Science with Unistellar

    Participating in the Valentines Day asteroid occultation with your Unistellar EV Smart Telescope is a unique and exciting opportunity to contribute to the advancement of science and learn more about the universe around us.
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  • Astropalooza 2022 - Astroworld TV - Explore Alliance
    December 9, 2022 Scott Roberts

    Astropalooza 2022 - Astroworld TV - Explore Alliance

     Astroworld TV and the Explore Alliance invite you to the first AstroPalooza event! The 8 hour event hosted by AstroWorld TV and Dan Higgins is on Saturday December 10th starting at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time. AstroPalooza is free and features...

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