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Galileoscope - Resources


The resources listed below will help you get the most out of your Galileoscope.

Galileoscope Assembly Instructions

Galileoscope assembly instructionsThe assembly instructions that came in the Galileoscope box were originally 2 pages, black and white, and incomplete. We now ship the Galileoscope with much better 4-page color instructions. Whichever ones you received, we also have a more comprehensive 7-page set of instructions, with more photos and illustrations — all in color — available for download as a PDF file in several languages. You’ll need a copy of the free Adobe Reader to open and print the document.



Make a Box Mount & Solar Shield

Box Mount and Solar ShieldThe Galileoscope has a standard ¼-20 nut in the base, so you can attach it to any standard photo tripod. What if you don’t have such a tripod? A medium-to-large corrugated cardboard box and small ¼-20 bolt or machine screw will do! The essential function of the box mount is to hold your Galileoscope steady no matter where it’s aimed in the sky. The solar shield, used in conjunction with a safe solar filter over the front of your Galileoscope, has two purposes: to enable you to quickly and easily aim at the Sun, and to cast a shadow over the eyepiece (and your head) so that you can look through the telescope without having the bright Sun in your face.

Education, Outreach & Observing

Building GalileoscopesGalileoscopes are outstanding for education and outreach and for use under the stars. Many people have built Galileoscopes — from youngsters to seniors, classroom students to camp groups — in workshops, festivals, and many other venues. Available here are classroom materials and activities for use with the Galileoscope. We also provide links to other organizations that have utilized Galileoscopes and made their materials available to you.