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George Ellery Hale - Birthday Celebration

George Ellery Hale at the spectrograph of the 60-foot Solar Tower Telescope at the Mount Wilson Observatory - Copyright Caltech Archives

George Ellery Hale (b. June 29th, 1868) was an amazing organizer of American Science. His accomplishments range from building in succession four of the world’s largest telescopes (the 40-inch at Yerkes, the 60-inch and 100-inch at Mt. Wilson, and the 200-inch at Mt. Palomar to establishing the California Institute of Technology as a world-class learning institution, forming the American Astronomical Society that thrives today, and he established the precursor to the International Astronomical Union. Hale's instruments and techniques dominated the world of solar physics, and indeed the entire astrophysics community owes his him a great debt of gratitude.

So, we decided to bring together people to celebrate this event with a stellar line up of speakers on this very special Global Star Party that we hope will enrich your appreciation of George Ellery Hale’s contributions that continue to support and inspire people.


  • 00:18:00 Scott Roberts: Welcome and Introductions
  • 00:21:00 David Levy: Welcome and Poetry
  • 00:24:00 John Briggs & Dava Sobel - George Ellery Hale
  • 00:39:30 Maynard Pittendreigh - Astronomical League Door Prizes
  • 00:51:33 Dennis Kois - Yerkes Observatory
  • 9:20 pm. 02:20 Ten Minute Break
  • 9:30 pm. 02:30 Karim Jaffer - Creation Station
  • 9:45 pm. 02:45 Molly Wakeling - Astronomolly's Universe
  • 10:00 pm. 03:00 Cesar Brollo - Southern Sky Treasures of the Milky Way
  • 10:15 pm. 03:15 Conal Richards - The Laviathan Of Parsonstown
  • 10:30 pm. 03:30 Deepti Gautam - Young Astronomer from Nepal
  • 10:45 pm. 03:45 Maxi Falieres - Astrophotography from Argentina
  • 11:00 pm. 04:00 John Johnson - Update on the Nebraska Star Party
  • 11:10 pm. 04:10 Five Minute Break
  • 11:15 pm. 04:15 Adrian Bradley - Astrophotography
  • 11:30 pm. 04:30 Pekka Hautala - Pekka's Parsec
  • 11:45 pm. 04:45 Cameron Gillis - Camstronomy