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TIP: How-To Use SkySafari with the PMC-Eight System

(51)[C][C2] TIP:

Although Simulation Curriculum does not support the PMC-Eight Mount Control System directly, it is possible to use SkySafari with your PMC-Eight Mount by using the "bridge" program WiFi Scope offered for free by Main Sequence Software.

Main Sequence Software is the developer of Sequence Generator Pro (SGP) and offers WiFi Scope for download here:

To use WiFi Scope with the PMC-Eight it requires that you provide a Microsoft Device running Windows, the ASCOM Standards Platform, and is configured with the Explore Scientific PMC-Eight ASCOM Driver connected to your PMC-Eight mount.   WiFi Scope runs on the Windows machine and connects to the PMC-Eight by via the ASCOM driver. Once you have WiFi Scope running, then you can start up Sky Safari on your Apple iPad or iPhone, or on your Android Device.