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iEXOS-100-2 PMC-Eight Equatorial Tracker System / 2022 Models Connect Now By WiFi & Bluetooth® * Telescope and accessories sold separately

iEXOS-100-2 PMC-Eight Equatorial Tracker System

2022 Models Connect Now By WiFi & Bluetooth®
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PMC-Eight Experiences and Testimonials

"This is the ultimate portable system as far as I am concerned."- Jim Johnston
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Blog posts


Using a Tablet Instead of a Handbox

“On Saturday, I set up and leveled the mount, and mounted my ES AR127. The bubble level on the mount seemed accurate as compared to my 6” level that I use. I used the polar scope for polar alignment, and then waited on Polaris to appear….I had a list of about 20 targets that I wanted to see that night, and by 11:15, I had covered them all. With some early morning responsibilities, l packed up and left, very pleased with how the mount worked.”

“I didn’t know if I would like using a tablet instead of a handbox. The tablet worked fine, including when I was centering the object, either using the arrows or using the slider. It was very predictable. Connection was every fast. My 2014 Samsung Galaxy tablet, using Android 5.1.1, worked fine. I didn’t miss the handbox at all. Once everything had settled down, the alignment process was also very quick.”

Paul Shirley
Roper Mountain Astronomers

Auto-guiding Kept Object Centered!

“I am up and running with auto-guiding capability operational. I can guide longer than 5 minutes with perfect stars using MaxIm DL.  Here are a couple test images made remotely using 3-minute subs (high clouds were a problem during exposures).

Nonetheless auto-guiding kept object centered! I'm also including an earlier image of M51 highly processed and inverted as I thought it looked pretty cool. As you know I am using an Explore Scientific 80mm refractor with the EXOS 2 PMC-Eight mount.”

Myron Wasiuta
Rappahannock Astronomy Club