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Vixen Astro LED Lamp SG-L02

by Vixen
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  • Bright light bulb color with mild illumination, oriented for astro-observing sessions
  • The red LED light is standard for astronomical observation
  • The variable illumination starts with the dimmest light every time you turn on the LED lamp
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof construction
  • Versatile pocket clip
  • 3-way strap


The perfect LED lamp you must-have for the night observing sessions.

Adapting your eyes to the dark environment is essential at astronomical observation. The dark sites are bad for visibility and you desperately need a lamp to prepare for setting up your equipment for visual observing or astro-imaging. However, general lamps put the intensity of illumination more importance than the protection to your eyes against the bright light. If such a lamp is used for the night observing, it will be difficult to see stars due to the strong stimulation to your eyes. Our first Astro LED lamp SG-L01, in which a red color lamp was incorporated, was a solution to this problem. But the range of the visible light in red is narrow and not necessarily good at visibility. With our Astro LED lamp SG-L02, we have adopted the LED lamps of light bulb color that make the visibility better. It allows for avoiding unwanted influence on the dark adaptation of the eyes. The brightness of the LED lamps is adjustable between 3 and 42 lumens in light bulb color, and between 0.28 and 7.62 lumens in red color illumination.

Generally, white light bulbs have a wide range of wavelengths of light and among them, the light near 555nm is included largely. This range of light gives a great influence on an adaptation of the human eye in dark environments. Contrastively, the LED lights feature narrow peak wavelengths and to design a light source so that the light of near 555nm is not included is possible. The Astro LED lamp SG-L02 uses the LED light bulbs which are designed not to emit the 555nm light and its adjacent. It enables us to keep moderate visibility while depressing the influence against the adaptability to your eyes.

The brightness of illumination in light bulb color ( 3 up to 42 lumens) and that in red color (0.28 up to 7.62 lumens) are adjustable steplessly. The illumination always starts with the dimmest position and possible to increase the intensity gradually to protect night vision. You can choose either the light bulb color or red color to start.

The rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery is used. You can refresh the battery from a USB battery charger or USB mobile battery with the use of the supplied USB cable. Using the battery repeatedly by recharging is economical.

Usable in the rain (IPX4 class waterproofness). It works fine with no fear of influence by condensation and dew that may occur during the night observing sessions.

It comes with two different lengths of straps. The short one is a wrist strap and the long one is available as a head strap. It will be usable as a neck strap by joining the two straps together.

The provided detachable pocket clip is usable to a shirt, collar, hat, or books. It is available for the place if the strap is hard-to-use.


Light source Light bulb color LED x 4, red color LED x 1
Intensity of illumination / illumi. distance 3 to 42 lumens / 4m upto 11m (light bulb color), 0.28 to 7.62 lumens / 4m or nearer (red color)
Built-in battery Rechargeable lithium-Ion Polymer battery 600mA
Lighting hours (at 20 deg.C ambient temperature) Light bulb color: 4 hours at the maximum brightness, 14 hours at one-tenth of the max. Red color: 6 hours at the maximum brightness, 120 hours at one/tenth of the max.
Water resistance IPX4 class
Dimensions 41mm x 33mm x 30mm
Weight (w/o strap) 29 g / 1.023 oz.


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